Vegetable Garden Mod

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Author of the Vegetable Garden Mod: Dismarzero

The Vegetable Garden Mod adds a substantial variety of new tiers of plants to research and grow. It also ads new meals and ways to cook them, some for health, some for joy. New medicines and drug production, as well as cloth and leather production.

This mod’s purpose is to enhance the way you grow and produce plants in RimWorld.

Vegetable Garden Mod features

  • Tiers of plants to research and grow: higher Nutrition Plants and fruits.
  • New Trees and Flowers.
  • New wood types: Bamboo and Ironwood.
  • New meals: Some to boost health and some joy.
  • Baking.
  • Bulk meal production.
  • New drugs for Joy: Alcohol, Candies, Tobacco, Coffee, Tea, and other Drinks.
  • Alcohol Barrel Production for many types of drinks.
  • Food preservation methods: Salting and Canning.
  • Cloth and leather production: Cloth production and Salvaging Apparel.
  • New medicines: Flu and Pain medicine. Tribal Meds.
  • Bulk Medicine recipes.
  • Resource plants that can be used for renewed resources.
  • Tools for growing: Soil enhancement, Sun lamps of types and sizes and Hydroponics.
  • Growable Grass.
  • Better Stock Piles.

Resource plants require A LOT of work to make. They are and end-game solution to running out of resources. They require:

  • Research the plants 1500.
  • Grow times on plants are 16+ days.
  • Sow skill is high to plant them.
  • Research time on the Smelter to melt them 1700.

On a side note, the Oven is defaulted to granite, but you can built it out of any stone.

This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.

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Vegetable Garden Mod Review
  • Necessity
  • Originality
  • Textures
  • User Interface
  • Fun


The Vegetable Garden Mod adds a great deal of content to RimWorld, making it way more interesting when it comes to gardening and cooking. If you’re into cooking, you’re gonna love this mod. If not, the amounts of new recipes to cook might seem a little overwhelming. It also allows growing key materials such as steel which, in our opinion, makes the game a too easy. We must say the author did a really good job with the textures.

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