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Beta 18Mods

Cook Cannibal Meal Mod

The Cook Cannibal Meal Mod allows you to create specific meals with human meat that don’t stack with other meals. Cook Cannibal Meal Mod features Adds these recipes/meals: Cannibal Simple/Fine/Lavish/Pemmican/Surviv...

Beta 18Mods

Mass Graves Mod

Cannibalism mood penalties got you down? No animals to feed raider corpses to? Don’t feel like rushing cremation and digging graves for those 30 tribal raiders takes too much time? Fret no more, because this revolutio...

Beta 18Mods

Craftable Drugs Mod

The Craftable Drugs Mod allows the production of Neutroamine and Luciferium at the Drugs Lab. Craftable Drugs Mod features Adds two new research projects: Neutroamine Refining Research. Requires the Psychite...

Beta 18Mods

DIY Neutroamine Mod

The DIY Neutroamine Mod is yet another “make your own neutroamine” mod. This one allows colonies to synthesize neutroamine from raw psychoid and smokeleaf. DIY Neutroamine Mod features Craft 5 bottles of...

Beta 18Mods

Random Veins Mod

The Random Veins Mod adds new random ores and veins across the map to make mining more interesting. Random Veins Mod features The following new features can be found across the map: Steel slag rocks, not very useful ...

Beta 18Mods

Land Fill (Terrains+) Mod

Water, mud and marsh are friends. Take vantage of the terrain around you with the Land Fill (Terrains+) Mod. Add soils, roads, bridges, sliding floors and more things for you to be able to terraform RimWorld planets...

Beta 18Mods

More Medications Mod

The More Medications Mod adds a lot of new medicinal resources to heal or ease the healing process of your colonists. More Medications Mod features New medicine Multi Vitamins – 4 Neutroamine Sleeping Pills...

Beta 18Mods

Strange Plants Mod

The Strange Plants Mod adds the ability to grow the following resources: Artillery Shells Req Lvl 10 Growing Beers Req Lvl 8 Growing Components Req Lvl 10 Growing Chemfuels Req Lvl 10 Growing Chocolates Req Lvl 8...

Beta 18Mods

Firefoam Belt Mod

The Firefoam Belt Mod allows you to make firefoam popper belts. Firefoam Belt Mod features Requires Firefoam research. Cam be made at a machining table or found on a Combat Supplier Caravan. Build Costs: 100 Steel 2...