Spaceship Mod

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Author of the Spaceship Mod: Sulusdacor

Get your butt off the planet in style! The Spaceship Mod adds additional (and most purely cosmetic) ship parts to the game. You will still need to add some vanilla parts to the ship for it to fly (engine, rector, computer and filled cryocasket).

The Spaceship Mod overrides the vanilla ship beam with a linkeable variant like walls work (same costs like vanilla beam in the end) and the vanilla cryocasket in the ship menu to set the interaction spot in the object and remove the placeworks that forces you to put it on a beam (for better building).

Spaceship Mod features

  • Adds wings (1×1, 1×2), fill parts (1×1, 2×2, 2×3, linkable shipbeam), cockpit (1×2) and engine (1×2).
  • Cockpit is a cryptosleep casket with interaction spot in the front.
  • You’ll still need at least one of the vanilla parts somewhere in your ship to pass the game checks for ship conditions to start (the beam is not needed).
  • Building depends on the vanilla research:
    • Shipbasics ⇨ fillparts + wings
    • Ship engines ⇨ engine
    • Ship cryocasket ⇨ cockpit

The override of the cryocasket simply moves the interact spot inside the object and removes the place on beam placeworker. This way you can place the casket everywhere now.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.


This mod is not updated to RimWorld Beta 18.

Older versions Alpha 17Alpha 17