Smoked Meat Mod

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Authors of the Smoked Meat Mod: Vokania, OrangeMushroom

The Smoked Meat Mod allows meat to be preserved by drying and smoking it.

Smoked Meat Mod features

  • Smoked meat lasts 1 season. It’s categorized under MeatRaw, so that it can be used in all recipes that use meat, like meals and kibble.
  • Smokepit is the campfire, modified to use less wood and more slowly. It also generates less heat and dies faster under the rain.
  • Smokehouse where you can process the meat. Building it requires it a lot of materials instead of having a Research prerequisite.

Compatibility notes

The Smoked Meat Mod is available in English and Korean.

Additional credits: Panggul_mas and Tammabanana for the older versions of this mod.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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