Simply Cloth Mod

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Author of the Simply Cloth Mod: Dninemfive

The Simply Cloth Mod adds silk, a new growable cloth crop, and a way to produce Synthread and Hyperweave. The added bench and recipes require a few new research projects.

Simply Cloth Mod features

New recipes:

  • Unlocked with Advanced Textiles (Spacer 1500):
    • Woven Plasteel: WorkAmount 600, requires 1 Plasteel, yields 10 woven plasteel.
    • Woven Plasteel (Bulk): Work 3360, requires 7 Plasteel, yields 70 woven plasteel.
    • Synthread: Work 800, requires 1 Woven Plasteel and 3 Silk, yields 4 Synthread.
    • Synthread (Bulk): Work 6400, requires 10 Woven and 30 Silk, yields 40 Synthread.
  • Unlocked with Hyperweave (Spacer 2250):
    • Hyperweave: Work 900, requires 1 Woven Plasteel, 1 Devilstrand, 2 Synthread, yields 3 Hyperweave.
    • Hyperweave (Bulk): Requires 10x the ingredients, 8x the work, yields 10x as much
This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.