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Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Android tiers Mod

The Android tiers Mod aims to add several tiers of sentient android colonists, along with their respective upgrades and other bonus additions. Android tiers Mod features 5 Tiers of android Android Doggo Robotic Muffa...

Version 1.0Mods

SickBoyWi’s Super Mario Animals and Extras Mod

The Super Mario Animals and Extras Mod comes with a bunch of Super Mario inspired animals and more! Imagine that your base gets attacked by a group of manhunter koopa troopas! After killing them off, you gather up th...

Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Realistic Darkness Mod

Tired of not being able to tell whether it’s day or night because they both look similar? Ever wanted lighting to really matter? Well then the Realistic Darkness Mod is for you. The Realistic Darkness Mod changes li...

Version 1.0Mods

Realistic Darkness Mod (Lighter Version)

The Realistic Darkness Mod (Lighter Version) changes lighting and saturation in rimworld to be dynamically darker. This is a lighter version of the same mod: Realistic Darkness. Realistic Darkness Mod (Lighter Version...

Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

Hardworking animals Mod

As you may have noticed, animals trained to haul things are quite lazy and only haul from time to time. The Hardworking animals Mod makes your animals haul a lot more often. In addition, the hauling skill now require...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

No Water, No Life Mod

The No Water, No Life Mod adds a need for water to pawns. The lack of sufficient water in a pawn’s diet will cause death in the same way as hunger. There are various means to get and transport water, such as wells, p...

Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

GlitterWorld Prime Mod

The GlitterWorld Prime Mod makes RimWorld a multiplayer experience by introducing an online broker. GlitterWorld Prime Mod Multiplayer features GlitterWorld Prime allows you to purchase and sell goods via an online m...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Nature’s Pretty Sweet Mod

The Nature’s Pretty Sweet Mod adds additional terrain elements, weather and biomes. It also updates the map in response to weather, giving a more wild, untamed and alive feeling to the world. Nature’s Pretty Sweet M...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Sparkling Worlds – Glittertech on the Rim Mod

The Glittertech Mod introduces a new known type of world in the RimWorld lore called Glitter Worlds. These worlds are presumably very high tech human societies with advanced production, communication and defense techn...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Psychology Mod

The Psychology mod is a full update of RimWorld’s psychological and social systems. The stories that emerge from your pawns’ peculiarities are big part of the fun that RimWorld provides. The goal of the Psychology...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Medieval Times Mod

The Medieval Times Mod operates as a game expansion, filling out early game / tribal era content with medieval items, weapons armor and buildings. It also adds 2 new types of medieval factions. Medieval Times Mod fea...

Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

Cook Cannibal Meal Mod

The Cook Cannibal Meal Mod allows you to create specific meals with human meat that don’t stack with other meals. Cook Cannibal Meal Mod features Adds these recipes/meals: Cannibal Simple/Fine/Lavish/Pemmican/Surviv...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Polarisbloc Mod – Core LAB

The Polarisbloc Mod series is a pack of mods that include all of the following mods by Vaniat: Machanoid ship extension, Gene-adjusted agent, Vanya’s Medicines and Brainwashing. Polarisbloc Mod – Core Lab feature...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Fish Industry Mod

There is so much water in this world and you always dreamt to eat a fresh grilled fish! Here it comes, the Fish Industry debarks in Rimworld! The Fish Industry Mod adds several fish-related resources, buildings and jo...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

LT-DoorMat Mod

The LT-DoorMat adds a doormat object that keeps filth in place and makes cleaning easier. The doormat is buildable after researching Carpet Making. The doormat added by the LT-DoorMat Mod comes in two sizes...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Mad Skills Mod

The Mad Skills Mod adds some extra settings to the game that allow you to tweak or completely turn off the natural skill degradation and learning saturation. Mad Skills Mod features The Mad Skills Mod comes with the...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Wall Lights Mod

The Wall Lights mod adds a new light object that can be mounted on walls. Wall lights will allow you to gain space in all rooms instead of wasting tiles with standing lamps. These lights are meant to be placed on a...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Faction Control Mod

The Faction Control Mod provides you with a number of configuration options that you can use to tailor which and how many factions and faction bases show up on your map. Simply visit “Mod Settings” from the game’s “...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Giddy-up! Caravan Mod

Let your colonists ride to far lands on elephants, muffalos, llamas or any other animal, modded or not! Giddy-up! Caravan Mod features The Giddy-up! Caravan Mod is packed with the following features: Faster world tra...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Simple Sidearms Mod

With the invention of pockets comes the idea of bringing EVEN MORE WEAPONS. Because your snipers are getting really tired of getting shanked. The Simple Sidearms mod will allow your colonists to carry multiple weapons...

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