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Beta 18Mods

Drugs to Neutroamine Mod

The Drugs To Neutroamine lets you extract neutroamine from drugs, including: Luciferium. GoJuice. Penoxycyline. WakeUp. Medicine. All Recipes use the drug lab. Requires the Drug Neutralization 1600 Research. This...

Beta 18Mods

Strange Plants Mod

The Strange Plants Mod adds the ability to grow the following resources: Artillery Shells Req Lvl 10 Growing Beers Req Lvl 8 Growing Components Req Lvl 10 Growing Chemfuels Req Lvl 10 Growing Chocolates Req Lvl 8 Gro...

Beta 18Mods

Double Sleeping Spot Mod

The Double Sleeping Spot Mod is a simple mod that adds a double sleeping spot. This new sleeping pot is magenta. Now your lover pawns can sleep together… on the floor! This mod is compatible with existing...

Beta 18Mods

Exotic Joy Mod

The Exotic Joy Mod adds Telescopes, Flatscreen and Megascreen TV‘s to the joy tab to build after you study the required research. Exotic Joy Mod features New research projects: Telescope 500 No Prerequisites. Flatscr...

Beta 18Mods

Block Convert Mod

Ever needed a certain type of blocks but you have a ton of other blocks instead? This is not a problem anymore: the Block Convert Mod allows you to convert blocks into other blocks. Block Convert Mod features New Res...

Beta 18Mods

Primitive Floors Mod

The Primitive Floors Mod adds eight different primitive floors to RimWorld. Primitive Floors Mod features Tiki floor (Bamboo) Tiki floor (Dark) Tiki floor (Light) Tiki floor (Fancy) Log floor Thatch floor Weave...

Beta 18Mods

Cut blighted plants Mod

The Cut blighted plants Mod adds a new Designator under the Orders tab that will automaticallly mark all blighted plants to be cut and destroyed. Compatiblity  notes The Cut blighted plants Mod is available in...

Beta 18Mods

RimRoads Mod

The RimRoads Mod adds the ability to build roads on the world map that you can use later on to travel faster around the map. Dirt roads require no resources to construct. However, other roads require resources for t...

Beta 18Mods

Enlighten Mod

Why not build some lamps? With the Enlighten Mod you are encouraged to build them because darkness will make your pawns slower. Enlighten Mod features With the Enlighten Mod light does matter. You must walk careful...

Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

Sparkling Worlds – Full Mod

The purpose of the Sparkling Worlds Mod is to increase the ability to craft advanced items, such as neutroamine, and introduce some new advanced weapons, items and buildings without breaking the game or deviating t...

Alpha 17 Beta 18Mods

CrustyTextiles Mod

The CrustyTextiles Mod is a quick and simple mod that adds the ability to turn all that extra leather you have laying around into patchwork leather or bonded leather and the ability to reclaim fabric from apparel. C...

Alpha 17 Beta 18Mods

Mechanoids Extraordinaire Mod

Ever thought that having only 2 types of mechanoids was kinda… on the boring side? Ever wanted a purely melee-attacking mechanoid? Or maybe a mechanoid that could blow up your base and everyone you love with a freaki...

Beta 18Mods

Autoclose Event Notifications Mod

The Autoclose Event Notifications Mod will automatically close old notifications according to the preferences you can set on the mod settings. Autoclose Event Notifications Mod features Choose which types of notifica...

Beta 18 Beta 19Mods

Cactaceae – Cactus Faction and Race Mod

Cactaceae is a mod that adds a new race and some new recipes with the help of Humanoid Alien Races. The following assets are added into the game: Cactoids: a tribal faction. Cactoid Migration: a scenario with Cactoids...

Beta 18Mods

Artful Robots Patch

Gone are the days where your builder bots destroy furniture in a fit of binary rage upon realization that they do not have a name! The Artful Robots Mod fixes issues with unnamed pawns creating art, especially on fur...

Alpha 17 Beta 18Mods

SmurfeRim Mod

The SmurfeRim Mod adds the Smurfs, a new kind of animal that behaves similarly to bug hives, but can also be tamed for farming a unique an valuable liquid. Your life in the rim is about to change! You can either hel...

Beta 18Mods

Crash NOW! Mod

It’s kind of hard to think of yourself as the leader of a random gaggle of people landing on a random spot on some random rimworld when you can choose who you’re getting and where you’re landing! Even when you use the...

Beta 18Mods

Increased Forest Density Mod

Want a real forest? Then this is just the mod for you! The Increased Forest Density Mod drastically increases plant density and turns your sparse woodlands and jungles into a primordial forest. Increased Forest Densi...

Beta 18Mods

Extended Woodworking Mod

The Extended Woodworking Mod adds WoodLog types for each tree. Extended Woodworking Mod features The new Woodlog types can be obtained from each of the following trees: Acacia Birch Camellia Cecropia CherryBlossom Cyp...

Beta 18Mods

Whaleys Dogs Mod

The Whaleys Dogs Mod adds several new dog species to RimWorld. All dogs are considered pets so they can randomly be chosen to drop with pawns. The new dogs are also found in the wild, mostly forests. Whaleys Dogs Mo...

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