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Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Research Tree Mod

The Research Tree Mod modifies the vanilla research tab generating a new, better, research tree. Research Tree Mod features Automatically generated to maximize readability. Shows research projects, buildings, plants ...

Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods


RimHUD is a UI mod that displays a detailed information about a selected character or creature. The HUD display is integrated into the inspect pane which can be resized to fit the additional information. Alternatively...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Colony Manager Mod

This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game. Download Version: V1.0 Available on theSteam Workshop Direct Download Older versions Beta 18 Beta 19 Do you like this mod? Consider do...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Increased Stack Mod

The Increased Stack Mod increases the capacity of stacks by 10 times. Stacks with meat, hides and drugs remained unchanged. This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game....

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Zombieland Mod

Do you like The Walking Dead? Are you afraid of The Undead? Good. Because this mod will give you the Heebie-jeebies! This is not your average Zombie mod. In Zombieland, Zombies are everywhere! They crawl out of the gr...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Phi Mod – RimWorld Multiplayer

The Phi Mod allows multiplayer interactions between players’ colonies such as chatting and sending resources from one player to another. Phi Mod features With the Phi Mod you can connect to the global default server...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Buildable Terrain Mod

The Buildable Terrain Mod allows you to build any terrain tile over any other terrain tile. Work amounts have been changed to give it a bit of balance. Humans have always shaped the environment to their needs, from ...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Orion’s Hospitality Mod

Have you been wondering what is the point of visiting factions? Wonder no longer, the Hospitality mod is the answer. With this mod, you will be able to: Convince visitors to join your faction! Increase faction relatio...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Allow Tool Mod

The Allow Tool Mod comes with a set of tools to make your life on the Rim a bit easier. Allow Tool Mod features Easily forbid and unforbid items. Select similar things. Have things hauled urgently. Affect the entire m...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

FashionRIMsta Mod

The FashionRIMsta Mod adds apparel to RimWorld. This new apparel comes with certain variables that influence how well pawns perform at their job. For example, doctors wearing Surgical Masks and Scrubs will perform bet...

Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

Holiday Special Edition Mod

The Holiday Special Edition Mod is a small Christmas themed addon for RIMkea and FashionRIMsta. The new apparel will appear on raiders and colonists alike, the fireplace should be placed inside walls like a vent, and...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Prepare Carefully Mod

The Prepare Carefully mod allows you to customize your RimWorld colonists, choose your gear and prepare for your crash landing! Use the optional point limits to try to create a balanced start or keep points disabled t...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Orassans Mod

The Orassans Mod adds a space cats faction. They like the cold. They hail from a planet that could be described as an arctic nightmare to humans, but it is nice and cozy to the cold-loving cat people. After developin...

Beta 18 Beta 19Mods

Combat Readiness Check Mod

Te Combat Readiness Check mod uses the Harmony Library to perform a new raid points calculation (library is included with the mod). Raid points are used to “buy” raiders from a list to make up the group that will rai...

Beta 18 Beta 19Mods

ReColor Stockpiles & Growing Zones Mod

You can change the color of stockpiles and growing zones at will with this mod. Simply click on a stockpile and a new button “Change Color” will prompt a window where you can set any color you want. This mod is compat...

Beta 18 Beta 19Mods

Ugh You Got Me Mod

Every since social interaction was added to RimWorld, there have been instances where colonists have beaten each other bloody, sometimes into unconsciousness and sometimes even to death. “Ugh You Got Me” is a simple ...

Beta 18 Beta 19Mods

Safely Hidden Away Mod

With the Safely Hidden Away Mod, bases that are in remote locations won’t get raided as often. Caravans/visitors also don’t visit as often. Safely Hidden Away Mod features Configurable delay times. Check out the mod...

Beta 18 Beta 19 Version 1.0Mods

Gear Up And Go Mod

– “A Raid! Is it time for battle!” – “Suit up!” – “Okay I’ve got my armor vest, I’m going to go plant some corn” – “I’ve already got armor so I’m still mining” – “GET OVER HERE NOW” – “But I haven’t got my...

Beta 18 Beta 19Mods

Mining Priority Mod

— “Hey! A plasteel meteorite dropped! Let’s go mine that valuable ore!” — “Okay, I’ll put it on the list of things to do, after we finish tunneling the next few rooms” — “And mining that steel nearby” — “Y...

Beta 18 Beta 19Mods

Random Veins Mod

The Random Veins Mod adds new random ores and veins across the map to make mining more interesting. Random Veins Mod features The following new features can be found across the map: Steel slag rocks, not very useful ...

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