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Beta 18Mods

RimSlave: Daenerys’ Army – A Game of Thrones Mod

Have you watched Game of Thrones? Do you wish you were Daenerys Targaryen leading an army of slaves, maidens, unsullieds and dothrakis? With the RimSlave Mod now you can!  Brought to your by the infamous Walking Prob...

Alpha 17 Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

Medical Tab Mod

The Medical Tab Mod adds a comprehensive medical overview tab, showing your colonists’ health at a glance. Medical Tab Mod features Shows vital medical statistics for Colonists, Animals, Prisoners, Visitors and Hos...

Beta 18Mods

“Real People” Names Mod

With the “Real People” Names Mod, colonists and tribespeople will get plausable sounding names instead of “Black Iguana” or “Koala ‘Val’ Purple”, etc. “Real People” Names Mod features This mod replaces the standard co...

Beta 18Mods

Ghosts Mod

The Ghosts Mod introduces tribal ghosts. These will (rarely) spawn in tribal colonies at the start of the game. Ghosts are semitransparent and skeletal. They do not rest, rarely eat (maybe once every thousand days), a...

Beta 18Mods

Local Growing First Mod

The Local Growing First Mod changes your pawns behavior to ensure that they harvest and sow within their current growing zone before heading to others! This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require ...

Beta 18Mods

Plants Are Pretty Mod

With the Plants Are Pretty Mod plants contribute positively to the beauty of a room or space’s environment. Ever find it odd that your colonists think that the beautiful forest they built their base in is the ugliest...

Beta 18Mods

Rabbit Farm Mod

The Rabbit Farm Mod adds several kinds of rabbits to the game and makes some slight alterations to the standard hares. There is only one mod file and it is easy to add or remove additional rabbits. The mod otherwise ...

Beta 18Mods

Hunt for me Mod

The Hunt for me Mod adds a new type of training for your animals: hunting. Hunt for me Mod features Haul training is required. The trained animal will then randomly hunt prey on the map and haul the corpse to the be...

Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

Removable Mt. Rock Roof Mod

The Removable Mt. Rock Roof Mod is a simple mod just to patch Core. Colonists will be able to remove overhead mountain. How to remove Thick Roofs (Overhead Mountain) Use the regular “Remove roof area” option found in...

Alpha 17 Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

Wall Lights Mod

The Wall Lights mod adds a new light object that can be mounted on walls. Wall lights will allow you to gain space in all rooms instead of wasting tiles with standing lamps. These lights are meant to be placed on a...

Alpha 17 Beta 18 Version 1.0Mods

Tech Advancing Mod

The Tech Advancing Mod allows you to progress on your tech-level. This way, if you start with a tribal colony, your tech level will evolve as you advance on the research tree. For your tech level to evolve, certain c...

Beta 18Mods Scenarios

Lord of the Rims – Dwarves Mod

The Lord of the Rims – Dwarves Mod adds dwarves from The Lord of the Rings universe into RimWorld. Lord of the Rims – Dwarves features Playable Dwarven race. Starter Dwarven scenario. Three Dwarven factions. One of w...

Beta 18Mods Scenarios

Lord of the Rims – Hobbits Mod

The Lord of the Rims – Hobbits Mod adds hobbits from The Lord of the Rings universe into RimWorld. Lord of the Rims – Hobbits features Playable Hobbit race. Starter Hobbit scenario. The Shire as a faction. Mountable ...

Beta 18Mods Scenarios

Lord of the Rims – Elves Mod

The Lord of the Rims – Elves Mod adds elves from The Lord of the Rings universe into RimWorld. Lord of the Rims – Elves Mod features Playable Elven race. Starter Elven scenario. Three Elven factions. Mountable (with ...

Beta 18Mods Scenarios

Lord of the Rims – The Third Age Mod

The Third Age Mod is part of the Lord of the Rims series, a project to bring one of our favorite film and book series, The Lord of the Rings, to RimWorld. Lord of the Rims – The Third Age Mod features The Third Age Mo...

Beta 18Mods

Hardworking animals Mod

As you may have noticed, animals trained to haul things are quite lazy and only haul from time to time. The Hardworking animals Mod makes your animals haul a lot more often. In addition, the hauling skill now require...

Beta 18Mods

Days Matter Mod

The Days Matter Mod allows you to add and remove memorial days. Colonists will starts parties accordingly. Extra: Currently, in vanilla game, birthdays of colonists born before the start of the game were calculated ...

Beta 18Mods

Job Splitter Mod

The Job Splitter Mod splits apart many of the categories in the work tab to allow the creation of more specialized colonist roles. Job Splitter Mod features With the Job Splitter Mod you can assign colonists to perf...

Beta 18Mods

Neuter Animals Mod

Are you tired of having your Muffalos breed like rabbits while traveling with a caravan, inevitably slowing everyone down throughout the stages of pregnancy? The Neuter Animals Mod is a simple mod that allows you to ...

Beta 18Mods

Spidercamp’s Decorative Plants Mod

Spidercamp’s Decorative Plants Mod adds a collection of decorative plants for players who are sick of just smelling the roses. Spidercamp’s Decorative Plants Mod features White Hydrangea Blue Hydrangea Pink Hydrangea ...