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How to Install RimWorld Mods

Before downloading a mod, specially if you are downloading it directly and not from the Steam Workshop, you must find out if it's compatible with your game version. RimWorld is a game in development and thus it gets updated often, making changes in core files that your mods could be relying on. The different versions of RimWorld are called Alphas (an alpha is a build of a game in its software testing stage). If...

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The Vegan Cult Challenge

The Vegan Cult Challenge proposes a complete cease of animal products consumption, including the meals that contain meat. Harming animals is also prohibited, unless they are hostile towards you to begin with. Vegan D...


RimWorld’s Logo Fan-made Font

User Marnador has created RimWorld’s Logo font for modders and YouTubers wanting to reproduce RimWorld’s appearance on their thumbnails and mod titles. You can download and use this font for your custom image titles a...

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