Miniaturisation Mod

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Author of the Miniaturisation Mod: Hwfanatic

Ever thought it was stupid that your colonists couldn’t move some furniture around? That they had to destroy it and build a new one? The Miniaturisation Mod adds the ability to move the majority of benches and other small buildings around.

Miniaturisation Mod features

List of buildings that become movable with the Miniaturisation Mod:

  • TorchLamp
  • OrbitalTradeBeacon
  • MoisturePump
  • TableSculpting
  • TableButcher
  • HandTailoringBench
  • ElectricTailoringBench
  • FueledSmithy
  • ElectricSmithy
  • TableMachining
  • ElectricStove
  • FueledStove
  • TableStonecutter
  • Brewery
  • DrugLab
  • ElectricSmelter
  • Refinery
  • ComponentAssemblyBench
  • SimpleResearchBench
  • HiTechResearchBench
  • HydroponicsBasin
  • DeepDrill
  • PassiveCooler


The Miniaturisation Mod is purely made in XML, no new mechanics are introduced. Benches introduced by other mods that use the same bae class will also be movable.

If you wish to uninstall this mod, make sure that you don’t have any uninstalled buildings before doing it. Otherwise it should be completely safe.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.