Living Battery Mod

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Author of the Living Battery Mod: Tobe

The Living Battery Mod adds a Matrix-inspired power generator that creates energy from human beings.

Living Battery Mod features

A living battery can produce up to 300W of power! This technology is accessible after completing the research unlocked after discovering electricity.

Prisoners can also be placed inside living batteries to produce energy, but they won’t enter the batteries willingly. Living inside a power generator is very scary, and presumably very painful. If you want to use a prisoner, wound him and throw him in while he’s downed.

There is a powerful version of this mod available here. In this version living batteries produce up to 600W.

Additional credits: Erdelf and Totobrother (code) and Yionguon (art).

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.

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