Hunt for me Mod

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Authors of the Hunt for me Mod: Nandonalt, Jastro

The Hunt for me Mod adds a new type of training for your animals: hunting.

Hunt for me Mod features

  • Haul training is required.
  • The trained animal will then randomly hunt prey on the map and haul the corpse to the best stockpile.
  • You can toggle hunting on the training tab.
  • Sometimes animals of the same species (if trained) will pack and hunt a bigger animal.
  • Most of the time they’ll focus on smaller animals to avoid getting hurt.

Compatibility notes

A new save is highly recommended. Animals from existing saves will not hunt. You can still play on existing saves but you will get an error every time an animal tries to hunt and the mod will not work. Also, existing pets in the animal tab might disappear.

Load the Hunt for me Mod after all of your other animal mods.

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This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.