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RimWorld 1.0 news and features

"Next version will be 1.0" –said Tynan on a Reddit post a few months back. RimWorld developers are working on polishing the game towards its release state. Version 1.0 will be a sizeable update and we'll probably have to wait a little longer for this release than we did previous ones. Though little has been mentioned about the new features we'll see in RimWorld 1.0, we'll cover a few of the features Tynan...

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Beta 18 news and features

The new Beta 18 release comes with a whole bunch of new features and stuff that you need to take into account! A new biome: swamps, new incidents that will tear your colony apart, new furniture and items, new mental breaks and a whole new kind of mood buffs for your colonists: mental inspirations. The first unstable version of Alpha 18 was released on October 24, and has been available on the "unstable" branch...

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