Sparkling Worlds – Glittertech on the Rim Mod

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Author of the Sparkling Worlds – Glittertech on the Rim Mod: Sam

The Glittertech Mod introduces a new known type of world in the RimWorld lore called Glitter Worlds. These worlds are presumably very high tech human societies with advanced production, communication and defense technologies. This mod adds a number of advanced buildings, items, resources and factions from these worlds to extend gameplay and difficulty in the late game beyond what the game already offers.

Glittertech Mod features

The Glittertech Mod adds  the ability to produce and purchase new advanced items in almost every category, such as:

  • High tech energy weapons and armor.
  • Advanced bionic limbs and organs.
  • Advanced power generation and storage.
  • Advanced research.
  • Advanced recipes and resources.
  • The ability to manufacture medicine and glitter world medicine.
  • Advanced furniture and medical beds.
  • Powerful turrets and automatic mortars.
  • Wall lights, windows and blast doors.

But beware! These expensive, advanced and sometimes illegal technologies often attract the attention of Glitter World corporations and Commandos from new factions hired to retrieve your advanced assets. You will be forced to plan advanced defenses and strategies to defend your colony against them if you wish to survive.

This mod is intended to be a hardcore experience that will ruin your colonies with a higher frequency than the vanilla game. This is not unbalanced or poor design, it is by design. Do not fight the new factions in this mod until you have their level of technology.


This mod is not compatible with existing saves. You will have to start a new game.