Gear Up And Go Mod

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Author of the Gear Up And Go Mod: Uuugggg

– “A Raid! Is it time for battle!”
– “Suit up!”
– “Okay I’ve got my armor vest, I’m going to go plant some corn”
– “I’ve already got armor so I’m still mining”
– “But I haven’t got my helmet on yet”

Changing outfits is a mess. The Gear Up And Go Mod makes sense out of it.

Gear Up And Go Mod features

The Gear Up And Go Mod adds a button to Gear Up And Go somewhere.

  • Step 1: Change outfit,
  • Step 2: Click GearUpAndGo button and taget a spot.
  • There is no Step 3. Colonists go there and gear up for their outfit on the way.

Colonists *also* look in their inventory when swapping apparel. How nice.

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.