Craftable Drugs Mod

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Author of the Craftable Drugs Mod: Emmote

The Craftable Drugs Mod allows the production of Neutroamine and Luciferium at the Drugs Lab.

Craftable Drugs Mod features

Adds two new research projects:

  • Neutroamine Refining Research. Requires the Psychite refining research.
  • Luciferium Production Research.

Neutroamine (x5) can be made with Psychoid Leaves (x30), Strawberries (x20) and Herbal Medicine (x5). Luciferium (x5) can be made with Neutroamine (x50), Devilstrand (x25), Medicine (x5) and Component (x1).

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.