Change Dresser Mod

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Author of the Change Dresser Mod: Kiame Vivacity

The Change Dresser Mod adds a dresser and wall mirror that can be used to change a pawn’s apparel color, hair style and color, skin color, body type, head type, gender and age in-game!

The dresser can also store apparel and be used as a second outfit storage for each of your pawns. For example, you can set a “on drafted clothes” and your pawn will automatically wear that when drafted.

Both the dresser and the mirror can be found under the Furniture menu. A dresser costs 40 wood/stone/metal and 40 steel, and a mirror costs 20 wood/stone/metal and 20 steel.

Change Dresser Mod features

  • Apparel Groups

    • Allows for a quick and easy way to switch between two sets of apparel (worker -> soldier -> worker).
    • Once an apparel group is made, right clicking on the dresser will bring up “Wear <group name>”. Selecting this will cause the pawn to swap out all their clothing for the clothing in the set.
    • Right clicking the dresser again will display “Unwear <group name>”. Selecting this will cause the pawn to swap out all their cloths again to the original set.
    • A pawn can only wear one group at a time. So once they’re wearing a set, only “Unwear” will be displayed for the set that’s being worn.
    • A pawn can claim another pawn’s private Apparel Set via the Storage window. This is in case the original pawn dies or for some other reason the set needs to be made public or private to another pawn.
    • When a pawn performs the Wear or Unwear command, the swapping of cloths is very naive. It literally just swaps the apparel assuming everything’s the same. This has a benefit in that if a pawn changes an underlying apparel – like a button shirt to a t-shirt – the Unwear will still work. The drawback is if the pawn changes too many apparel items – like remove their shield or armor – the apparel set will not have that until it’s re-added by the pawn manually.
    • Apparel that is a part of an Apparel Group is not displayed in the dresser’s storage.
  • Apparel items

    • The dresser is a storage zone. Multiple dressers can be setup to store different apparel items if desired.
    • If the dresser is destroyed, all stored apparel will be placed on the floor around where the dresser was.
    • Items stored in the dresser are not included in Apparel Groups.
    • Items placed in the dresser’s storage can be selected when creating Apparel Groups and apparel can be moved from Groups to the dresser’s storage.
  • Change when drafted

    • There can only be one “Change when Drafted” apparel group per pawn. If a second group is marked as “Change when Drafted” for the same pawn, then the original group is unmarked but is still private to the pawn.
    • The pawn will instantly change between what they were wearing to the battle gear. When undrafted they will instantly change back to their original apparel.
  • Manage Apparel

    • A button accessed by left clicking on a dresser. Clicking on this button will open the Dresser’s window and allow you to see what apparel is stored in the dresser and remove any items.
    • From this window you can also view and modify any storage groups that are stored in the dressers.
    • If the “Link Storage Groups to Dresser” option is unchecked, every storage group can be modified from any dresser with this button.
  • Mod Settings

    There are three mod settings:

    • Allow Body Change – means the “Edit Body” selection will be available to pawns. Unchecked will hide the option and the window
    • Allow Gender and Age Change – means that on the “Edit Body” window the option to change a pawn’s Age and Gender is available. Unchecked will hide these options. If “Allow Body Change” in unchecked this option will be hidden since its parent window is not accessible by a pawn.
    • Link Storage Groups to Dresser (unchecked by default) –  storage groups behave the same as previous version of Change Dresser. When Checked, storage groups are accessible by all dressers. Also, any/all dressers are destroyed no apparel in storage groups will be dropped and if any were checked as “Change for Battle” then the pawns can still use those apparel when drafted. Once a new storage dresser is built the storage groups can be accessed again.

Compatibility notes

Important! For users of the Humanoid Alien Races: Only humans should use this dresser! If a non-human uses the dresser he will turn into a human (dresser’s Reset does not revert them back). If this happens, the game will need to be loaded from a previous save to fix the problem.

Compatibility with Facial Stuff: It does appear to be working though each time a modification is made to a pawn the entire dresser UI window will flicker. This appears to be due to how Facial Stuff changes the pawn’s refresh. It is recommended to back up the save before using this mod. Verify that it does what you want and doesn’t cause something to break.

The Change Dresser Mod is available in English, French, Russian, German, Japanese and Chinese (Simplified and Traditional).

This mod is compatible with existing saves, it does not require you to start a new game.