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Sea Ice Challenge

You wanted to prove you have what it takes to survive in a ruthless environment. And so you set course to an ice-covered planet. Your long journey inside a cryptosleep has come to an end: you just landed on sea ice, a...

How to get more colonists

The first thing you need to know is that the amount of colonists you have in your colony is strongly influenced by the storyteller you chose when you created the game. There is no limit to the number of people you can have in a single colony, but each storyteller has 3 variables that affect the population in your colony: minimum desired population, maximum desired population and critical desired population. Stor...


The Lone Wanderer Scenario

When the bombs dropped you thought the world had ended, but you had survived: lost and alone in the fallout… Your faction will be a New Arrivals, starting with 1 person. Player starting characters have a 85% chance t...


FF German Shepherd Mod

Old Earth’s most common and favorite duty —and service— dog finally made it to the Rim! The FFGermanShepherd Mod adds a new dog breed: the German Shepherd or Alsatian. The German Shepherd is more combat-capable th...


Save Storage & Outfit Settings Mod

This mod allows you to Save and Load Dump/Stockpile and Outfit settings so that you can load them over to new games. Settings saves are completely separate from game saves. This means settings saves can be used by any...


Harvest Organs Post Mortem Mod

Organs are valuable, so why should we stop harvesting them because a person is dead? That doesn’t really stop us in real life. How often does one “donate” a heart while still alive, huh? The Harvest Organs Post Mortem...


More Vanilla Factions Mod

The More Vanilla Factions Mod is a very simple mod that distributes the initial faction bases in a balanced way. In other words, every faction will have more or less the same amount of bases scattered around the map....


Mechanoids Extraordinaire Mod

Ever thought that having only 2 types of mechanoids was kinda… on the boring side? Ever wanted a purely melee-attacking mechanoid? Or maybe a mechanoid that could blow up your base and everyone you love with a freaki...


Slay a Faction Challenge

You’ve had your fair share of enemy raids. It’s time you prove your superiority and take control over this planet, it’s time for war. Ready your best fighters and feed them well, for this war is going to last a while....


SS Cultivator Tools Mod

The SS Cultivator Tools Mod adds automatic crop cultivation and plant growth enhancement solutions to your garden! Let your colonists focus on more important tasks while the grunt work takes care of itself. SS Cultiv...


Quicksaver Tool

The Quicksaver Tool adds the ability to quicksave and quickload into the game. Avoid the extra time spent by manually saving through the menu, use the quicksave and quickload functions instead. By default these are b...


Moody Mod

The Moody Mod adds a floating dashboard that provides information about your colonists’ moods at a glance at all times. Moody is always on top but can be resized using the handle in the lower right corner and minimiz...


Twi’lek Race

Twi’leks are known for their grace, beauty, and powers of seduction. They have a high chance to appear with the “beautiful” trait. They also have a slight bonus to social interactions, in exchange for a slightly inc...


Zabrak Race

Adds the Zabrak race, using the Humanoid Alien framework, and a couple hairs borrowed and altered with Spoonshortage’s permission. They have two hearts – and a very slightly increased bodymass – making them require a ...

How to Improve Shooting

Unskilled shooters will fail miserably at hunting or fighting, risking their life in the process. You can avoid this situation by training their shooting skills in safe grounds before you send them out to the battlefield. There are multiple methods to train your colonists in shooting. The most ridiculous of them all: playing horseshoes. Yes, playing horseshoes actually increases the shooting skill, though it incre...


USCM – Turret Mod

The USCM – Turret Mod mod introduces the minified USCM UA 571-C Automated Sentry Gun. The turret is a standalone self-powered turret using long bursts of overwhelming high caliber bullets to devastate your enemies. Th...


USCM – Xenomorphs Faction Mod

The USCM – Xenomorphs Faction Mod introduces the Xenomorphs Faction. USCM – Xenomorphs Faction Mod features Xenomorphs are a nightmare. They will rush you sometimes after 60 days, meaning that your score should be hig...


USCM – Core Mod

Welcome colonists! The United States Colonial Marines are glad to know that you will soon enlist in our ranks! Or at least buy our surplus equipment to help us fight pirates and every evil creatures threatening our pr...


Rimsenal – Enhanced Vanilla Pack

The Rimsenal – Enhanced Vanilla Pack is designed for a reinforced vanilla RimWorld gaming experience. This mod adds a variety of gears, and extends existing items. For a complete list of all the items added by this mo...

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