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RuntimeGC Tool

RuntimeGC is an In-Game Cleaner that will clean up your savegame, reducing its size and making your game run smoothly again, without losing your progress. RuntimeGC Tool features Remove unnecessary World Pawns to alleviate burd...


Therapy Mod

The Therapy Mod allows you to assign skilled colonists to perform therapy on others. Distressed colonists will lie on the couch in their free time and available therapists will come to counsel them. Going into therapy will make...


Cactaceae – Cactus Faction and Race Mod

Cactaceae is a mod that adds a new race and some new recipes with the help of Humanoid Alien Races. The following assets are added into the game: Cactoids: a tribal faction. Cactoid Migration: a scenario with Cactoids. Weapons:...


Centralized Climate Control Mod

The Centralized Climate Control mod allows you to create a centralized air cooling/heating. You will be able to build Large Piped Air Climate Systems away from your buildings. Centralized Climate Control features This mod adds ...


Camera+ Mod

Wanna take a perfect screenshot of your base but it doesn’t fit? Or you wanna get closer than the game will allow you to? The Camera+ Mod introduces more zoom and different panning to the game. Zooming in can also be very pract...


The Birds and the Bees Mod

The Birds and the Bees Mod adds reproductive organs to animals, and then  you, raiders and time can take them away again. The Birds and the Bees mod features Animals (including humanoids) require reproductive organs to mate an...


Simple Sidearms Mod

With the invention of pockets comes the idea of bringing EVEN MORE WEAPONS. Because your snipers are getting really tired of getting shanked. The Simple Sidearms mod will allow your colonists to carry multiple weapons. Simple S...


Rimsenal – Rimhair Mod

The Rimsenal – Rimhair Mod adds 30 new hairstyles to RimWorld. Rimsenal - Rimhair Mod Review Necessity Originality Textures Summary The Rimsenal - Rimhair Mod is a great pack of hairstyles for both male and female...


Orassans Mod

The Orassans Mod adds a space cats faction. They like the cold. They hail from a planet that could be described as an arctic nightmare to humans, but it is nice and cozy to the cold-loving cat people. After developing artifici...


Gas Trap Mod

The Gas Trap Mod adds two types of traps (each with several variants): the Gas Trap and the Insect Trap. Gas traps release a cloud of gas when any pawn hostile to your faction walks too close. Severity builds up for as long as ...


ReColor Stockpiles & Growing Zones Mod

You can change the color of stockpiles and growing zones at will with this mod. Simply click on a stockpile and a new button “Change Color” will prompt a window where you can set any color you want. ReColor...


A Dog Said… Mod

The A Dog Said… Mod adds prostheses, bionics and surgeries for animals. Three new researches are added to the Research Tab: Simple Animal Prosthetics, Animal Bionics and Animal Healing. A Dog Said… mod features The following pa...


Smooth Stone Walls Mod

The Smooth Stone Walls Mod allows you to smooth natural stone walls (just as you can smooth natural stone floors) thanks to a new option in the “Structure” tab of the architect menu. This allows you to have real walls in the...


Additional Joy Objects Mod

The Additional Joy Objects mod adds new furniture and activities that bring joy to colonists: board games, arcades, paintings, bookcases, medicine, and more! Additional Joy Objects mod features Additional Joy Objects Mod...


Ruins Scenario

After their ship was destroyed, they landed on an unfamiliar planet. The locals referred to them as “New Arrivals.” The land they crashed on was barren and unforgiving. There must be somewhere inhabitable on this rock! —they ...


Rimsenal – Storyteller Pack

The Rimsenal – Storyteller Pack is a mod that adds three new storytellers to the game: the Accipiter Hysteric, the Sereniz Sadistic and the Hildegarde Epic. Check out the full version of the artwork on Rooki1’s...


Psychology Mod

The Psychology mod is a full update of RimWorld’s psychological and social systems. The stories that emerge from your pawns’ peculiarities are big part of the fun that RimWorld provides. The goal of the Psychology mod is to...


Combat Readiness Check Mod

Te Combat Readiness Check mod uses the Harmony Library to perform a new raid points calculation (library is included with the mod). Raid points are used to “buy” raiders from a list to make up the group that will raid your col...

How to Prevent Infestations

Bug hives aren’t just an annoyance. They will slowly spawn bugs and produce additional hives becoming a full scale infestation. These little creatures can be devastating. Even if you manage to get rid of them, there is a good chance that half your colony will get wrecked in the process. Unfortunately, if you build underground there is no way to stop infestations from happening. But here is some knowledge that will...


Apini Race Mod

The Apini Race Mod introduces a new playable race of sentient giant bees called apini. Apini playable race features Apini race notes The Apini suffer respiratory failure from smoking. But as long as they don’t smoke again for ...

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